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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Family Floater Health Plan

Buy Family Floater Health Plan Online

The constant inflation is nothing new in India. From basic necessity to deluxe item, every facet of our life falls under prey of inflation. Therefore, how can you expect health department would not come into picture? Now, from here is when the real problem of common man begins. Good health is as basic as any other necessity such as food, water and air, therefore worrying about you and your family's health is comprehensible.

Hence, Health insurance plans come into picture. However, the man is always at fix, which family floater health plan will be suitable and you can make this decision only when you will be able to understand about this plan better. Health insurance in India is gaining popularity among professionals and people from other walks of life. It's looked upon as an future investment to safeguard you and your family against any health hazard, and rightly enough Health insurance policies provide timely financial assistance at the time of need.


Family Medical Coverage

It can be difficult for you to give high amount for medical policy of each and every family member. Information of health insurance  is mandatory and it should be detailed and to the point for maximum customer satisfaction. However, the family floater policy can solve your problem. It ensures the health safety for your entire family under one plan and single cover amount. Therefore, instead of health insurance comparison for individual member, you go for a single plan and save yourself from all the worries as you just need to manage one single plan for whole family instead for managing various medical policies.



Merits of Family Floater Health Plan

Health policy for whole family has certain merits that make it so appealing-

  1. These plans are apt for people having old parents or have young children. Many family health policies offer health checkup at free cost for old people as well as they trim down the cost of the policy by removing irrelevant add-ons for health coverage of kids.
  2. The best thing about this type of plan if you have family is it is easy to manage. Instead of buying various policies for individual family member, if you buy just buy single health plan for all, it will be easy for you to handle it.
  3. You can easily add a new family member or remove the existing one. You do not need to buy new policy for the member who is newly added to your family; instead you can welcome them under the secure umbrella of your existing family medical policy and similarly you can remove a person if he/she has expired.
  4. It also offers various tax benefits.
  5. It is apt for newly added couple if the maternity and post pregnancy option is add on basic family floater medical plan as, your insurer will bear the expenses on your behalf.
  6. Guess what? You can also add your parent in laws in your health family policy by giving few extra pennies.
  7. At time of emergency, the health id for all family members and the cashless feature could be very useful.



Company Family Health Plan
  1. Bajaj Allianz
Health Guard Family Floater Option
  1. Oriental Insurance
Happy Family Floater Coverage Plan
  1. IndiaFirst Insurance
IndiaFirst Mediclaim Plan


What to Keep in Mind While Buying

  • Focus on the renewability factor. When can you renew plan? How to revive it? Any specific steps you need to follow? These all things depend on company to company.
  • Another thing that you need to in keep in mind is the cost of the policy. Are they providing any relief for senior citizen and young ones?  The money is always a worrying factor for people especially middle-class family.
  • You should buy this plan keeping the indemnity coverage of previous medical policy in mind.

When you buy family floater policy, then better take advice of expert or take help from professional via online chat available in insurance company websites.


Health insurance comparison becomes essential when you think to buy family floater policies. Several health policies provide family floater plans. Before opting for a family health plan its important to compare the best health insurance plans available in the market and going through their terms and policies in detail. This can be done using online comparison sites. Going through the terms of policies is recommended by every expert throughout the globe.

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Invest in Tax Saving Mutual Funds Download Any Applications
Transact Mutual Funds Online Invest Online
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